Redland Brick Inc. - Brick Manufacturer

Redland Brick Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Belden Holding & Acquisition Company, Inc., is located in Williamsport, Maryland. Redland Brick has five brick manufacturing plants including two in Maryland, and one each in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Virginia. Redland Brick produces a wide range of brick products, featuring both molded and extruded styles.

Our molded brick plants, Cushwa and Rocky Ridge, have established themselves as the premier molded brick producers in the U.S. These soft mud products are used by designers, architects, developers, and homeowners and can be found on diverse projects ranging from America’s prestigious universities to stadiums to dream homes. Our molded products are made the same way bricks have been made for centuries.

The Cushwa plant also produces authentic Handmade brick. Our handmade brick are handcrafted by experienced brick makers and cannot be replicated by any of today’s brick making machines. The rich color and individualism of each brick allows any designer or homeowner to make their project an instant classic that will stand the test of time.

Our modern Harmar plant, located in suburban Pittsburgh offers a variety of products including fireclay, red shale, and sand coated bricks. The Harmar plant, commissioned in 2001, is completely automated and represents the U.S. brick industry’s state of the art technology. Harmar’s fireclay products, available in multiple sizes, are specified primarily by architects for institutional, retail, office, and warehouse projects. The plant’s sand coated and red shale products are used on commercial, institutional, and residential projects. Homebuilders and masons prefer Harmar’s consistent size, strength, and excellent installation properties. The Harmar plant also produces a high strength red clay paver which can exceed 20,000 psi.

Redland’s KF plant, located in South Windsor, Connecticut is a modern extruded plant that supplies quality brick products for New England and the Mid-Atlantic markets. KF’s product line includes a wide assortment of red brick colors and textures that are tailored to the traditional architecture of New England and the brick styles of Colonial America. KF’s unique firing characteristics produce intense dark flashed bricks that are excellent for matching many early 20th century buildings.

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