New Concept Arch

Please provide us with the following information when
ordering non-standard arches.

1. Dimension of masonry opening: ______________

2. Skew-back angle (Standard is 79 degrees): ________________

3. Mortar joint thickness in arch brick (Typically 3/8"): _______________

4. Coursing or mortar joint thickness in field brick: ________________
(We use 5 courses = 16" for oversize brick and 3 courses = 8" for modular brick)

5. Number of arch courses: __________________

5. Type of brick: ___________________________

7. Depth of soffit (Jack arches have saw cut soffits and are not finished): ____________

Additional charges may apply for finished soffits.
Finished soffit? Yes____ No____

A standard keystone is provided to match the skew-back angle, and is the same height as the arch.

For a non-standard keystone, please provide dimensions:

1. Bottom width of keystone: ____________

2. Height of keystone: ____________

3. Depth of keystone: ____________

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