Thin Brick

With Thin Brick from Redland Brick, you can add the classic beauty of genuine clay brick to your home without the weight, mess, and cost of concrete footings. The possibilities are endless! You can cover your concrete foundation or even an entire wall, because our Genuine Clay Thin Brick can be used for interior and exterior applications. Add brick to your den, kitchen, or even your new gas fireplace.

Thin Brick Slabs can be installed just like ceramic tiles to enhance virtually any surface with the look and feel of genuine clay face brick. Tru-Brix is a revolutionary new thin brick siding product that provides the longevity, beauty, and security of clay brick and the simple installation of siding.

Redland Brick offers quality products for your projects and has been a trusted source for brick distributing with a solid reputation built on years of satisfaction. Contact Us to learn more about thin bricks and about how Redland Brick can help you with your next project.